MPD takes into custody persons of interest in Quiapo bombing

Photo by DZRH Boy Gonzales
Photo by DZRH Boy Gonzales

The Manila Police District currently has custody of the three persons of interest in the recent twin bombings in Quiapo.

According to Chief Inspector Rommel Anicete of the MPD Homicide division, the three individuals are not suspects, but will be asked to testify regarding the Quiapo explosions last May 6.

Anciete explained that the persons of interest can assist the authorities in their investigation of the blast that killed two people and wounded six others.

The Manila Police have been working on tracing the culprits of the Quiapo bombings.

This April 11, the police cordoned the area of the explosion and ,until now, has been unable to identify the used explosive that was allegedly placed in a rice cooker.

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