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Move over Oppa, the Thai boys are taking over the limelight

#Still2gether teaser poster and “He’s Coming to Me” (photo credit: GMMTV)

There has been a shift on what makes Filipinos “kilig” since the whole country went into lockdown because of the CoVid19 pandemic.

From marathoning their favorite K-dramas to now going gaga over their favorite Thai BL love teams.

BL stands for Boys Love, a drama genre focusing on homoerotic relationships between two males.  In Japan, we refer to them as “yaoi”, in Thailand it’s “Y”, but for some hardcore Filipino fans, BL stands for “BrightWin”, “SingtoKrist”, “TayNew”, “OffGun”, “TharnType”, “OhmFluke, among others.

These are the names of the couples we love to ship, or what refer to as OTP or “One True Pairing.” Thanks to the massive success of GMMTV’s #2gether: The Series, which introduced us to two of Thailand’s most sought-after actors’ Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin, we are now going through each of these loveteams’ series, and for some, revisiting them once again.

It also helps that most of their dramas are now available online, some can be found on Netflix, and others, on their own Youtube channels with subtitles for easy understanding.

Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut (photo credit: Mew Suppasit IG)

Some might think that it’s just a phase and that Filipinos are just riding in on the bandwagon of the popularity of these Thai series, but did you know that way before #BrightWin invaded the hearts of Filipinos, the BL genre already has a cult following in the country?  Proof to this are the many fan meets held over the past couple of years, including that of Tay Tawan and New Thitipoom, the Sotus cast, Saint Suppapong of Love By Chance and Gulf Kanawut of “TharnType”, just to name a few.

And yes, our fascination with these Thai boys may not be coming to an end yet, since they continue to provide us with new content.

On Tuesday, GMMTV released teaser posters of the much-anticipated special five-episode of “#Still2gether, which will be airing simultaneously on iWant as per the announcement of Dreamscape Entertainment, the Philippine partner of GMMTV.

While waiting for this, iWant will also be showing Singto Prachaya and Ohm Pawat’s “He’s Coming to Me.”

And that’s not all, Dreamscape Entertainment also announced that Bright Vachirawit recorded his first OPM song, which will be released on July 31.  What song did Bright recorded, it is still being kept under wraps, but many fans are guessing that it is Eraserheads’ “With A Smile.”

Aside from these, we are still waiting for the release dates of some BL sequels that I’m sure will bring not just tons of “kilig” but also buckets of tears and endless love, what can we say “we found Thai BL love in the time of CoVid19.”

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