More bad news for MRT passengers


Another set of bad news is bound to cause additional inconvenience to MRT commuters.

The MRT 3 prototype that will be used as a testing coach will arrive in August and three out of the 48 new coaches that the management ordered will be delivered in January of next year.

The said news was based from the report of the team that was sent to Dalian, China.

According to DOTC Sec. Jun Abaya, the dynamic testing phase of the prototype in November is important because this is where they’ll find out the new coaches capacity.

The new light rail vehicles are being assembled in China.

The DOTC Secretary added that the public should in the future should provide allowance just in case some of the new coaches won’t be perfect, both for the prototype and the new ones to be delivered next year.

In line with this development, passengers will have to extend their patience as they have to wait longer for the arrival of the new MRT coaches.

Meanwhile, Abaya denies claims that the MRT 3 management will be giving an excuse letter to those who fail to make it to work on time due to the delay in trains.

According to Abaya, what MRT can do is issue a relevant incident report regarding the hitch of the train but not an excuse letter.

The DOTC is willing to do such thing in lieu of transparency in government.

Abaya promised that his agency continues to find solution to the problems of the MRT, including new trains, exchanging the more than seven thousand meters, signal system and repair of the elevators and escalators in every station.

Even in Congress, they just laughed and reports that the DOTC will be issuing a certificate to employees who will be late because of the trains.

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