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MOMOLAND’s Nancy suffers ‘mental distress’ after undressing photos leaked

Nancy McDonie of K-pop girl group MOMOLAND is the latest victim of illegally manipulated photos. (Instagram photo)

Nancy McDonie of K-pop girl group MOMOLAND is the latest victim of “spycams” and illegally manipulated photos in South Korea.

On Monday, her agency, MLD Entertainment, issued a warning to take legal action against the people behind the leaked pictures of the idol taken while she was changing in a dressing room.

The said photos were photoshopped, according to her label.

“Nancy is a victim of having photos being inappropriately taken and manipulated. The person that should be protected first and foremost is Nancy. We ask for your cooperation with a heavy heart,” the agency said in a statement.

“We will be joined by the police and judicial authorities overseas in taking strong legal action against the first person who posted the photos, as well as those who have taken part in spreading the photos,” it added.

The label also revealed that Nancy is currently “undergoing severe emotional turmoil” following the incident and asked the public to end the circulation of the malicious post about their artist.

“We will continue to make every effort to protect our artists from additional damage through continuous monitoring. We will also follow through with our legal actions with no leniency and without reaching a settlement,” MLD Entertainment said.

Earlier reports claimed that one of the girl group’s staff members allegedly took the leaked photos.

Debuted in 2016, MOMOLAND skyrocketed to fame following their hit songs “Bboom Bboom,” and “BAAM.” They were able to establish themselves as a top K-pop girl group and gained international fame, including in the Philippines.

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