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Migrante denies report on impending execution of Veloso

Indonesian embassy to the Philippines indicate the delay of Mary Jane Veloso execution showed a chance for clemency. (Screen grab from internet)

There’s no truth to reports claiming that Mary Jane Veloso may be executed by the Indonesian court next week, after the end of Ramadan on July 17.

Connie Bragas-Regalado of the Migrante group clarified that Veloso’s name is not included in third batch of those set to be executed.

Regalado added that they are on constant contact with the Indonesian Migrant Workers and National Commission on Violence Against Women and they were the ones who confirmed that Veloso’s name is not on the list.

However, Veloso’s name is still included in the death row list, even though she was given a temporary reprieve.

Migrante will wait for the resolution to be issued by the Department of Justice regarding the criminal case they filed against Veloso’s recruiters, Ma. Cristina Sergio and Julius Lacanilao.

Sergio and Lacanilao are being accused of recruiting Veloso to become a drug mule.

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