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Medialdea files libel complaint against Ramon Tulfo over malicious column content

Philippines’ Special Envoy for Public Diplomacy to China Ramon Tulfo (Photo Credits:

Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea on Friday revealed to have filed a libel complaint against special envoy to China Ramon Tulfo following his malicious newspaper column content.

Medialdea said that he had filed the complaint in June and only stayed quiet about it.

He is referring to a column that Tulfo wrote in the local news outlet Manila Times which was published on July 25. The next day, July 26, Medialdea wrote a letter to the editorial board of the Manila Times stating that Tulfo should have observed “responsible journalism.”

“I chose to be quiet in all his backhanded accusations and malicious articles against me, and let my lawyer just file the appropriate libel case against him for a libelous article he previously wrote in this newspaper,” Tulfo said in his letter.

The column claimed that the Office of the Executive Secretary was withholding the release of a Php 272.07-million cash reward the government supposedly owed a private person who tipped authorities about smuggling in Mariveles, Bataan in 1997.

He added that a certain Felicito Mejorado said that his reward had been pending in Medialdea’s office for a year and in order for it to be released, he will need to give Php 72 million to Vianney Garol, who claimed to be a presidential consultant.

“Garol allegedly told Mejorado that the P72 million was for me,” Medialdea said, adding that he had never met Garol which happens to be a project development officer in the now-defunct Office of External Affairs – Davao in 2005.

“I assure Mejorado that the OP will resolve his appealed case with the objectivity of an impartial judge,” Medialdea said.

“In closing, I cannot overemphasize the importance of discernment and to take things coming from Tulfo with a grain, if not a kilo, of salt,” he added.

On Thursday, Tulfo responded to Medialdea’s letter saying that he should “get his facts and his dates straight and accurate.”

He claimed that he has “nothing personal” against Medialdea.

“So, why would I wage a “personal vendetta” — his own words — against the now honorable executive secretary when I had no reason to?” Tulfo said.


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