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Mayor Erap scolds doc after shooing away patient


Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada was quick to respond after a doctor allegedly shun away a patient and referred them to another hospital.

The doctor from the Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center was scolded by the Manila Mayor after allegedly failing to respond to the needs of a mother and her six year old child inflicted with Dengue.  Reports stated that the doctor even advised the said mother to a different hospital.

Mayor Erap said that this kind of behavior, in front of patients especially in emergency situations, is a direct violation and could be considered as a direct sabotage on his directive to all officials and employees of public hospitals in Manila that they should always be ready to provide immediate, complete and free service to their patients.

The former President found out about the said incident during his “Ugnayan sa Mamamayan” forum held at Onyx Street, Brgy. 775 in district 5, Manila.

According to the victim, she went to the OMMC last November.  She was with her daughter who had suspected Dengue because of high fever, vomiting and nosebleed.

The victim said that she knows that she is qualified for free medical service from the OMMC but was surprised when the doctor said that she should go to another hospital, maybe the Philippine General Hospital, to have her daughter’s laboratory tests because the equipment in OMMC are broken.

The total cost of the said lab tests was two thousand pesos.  But the victim only had 120 pesos in her pocket that was why she went to the said hospital for its free services.

Estrada fumed at the said doctor, “Ginagawa ko ang lahat para sa ating mga ospital, tapos ganyan lang ang ginagawa nyo sa mga pasyente… emergency… tapos ituturo nyo pa sa ibang ospital. At dun nyo pa itinuro sa PGH eh meron namang ibang ospital ng Manila City Hall na libre ang serbisyo.”

Mayor Erap reiterated that any official and employee of any of the public hospitals in Manila who will be caught violating his directive will be facing harsher punishments.

Meanwhile, Dr. Regina Bagsic, over-all coordinator of the public hospitals in Manila said that they are withholding the name of the OMMC doctor as they continue with their investigation regarding the said incident.


  1. Mga politiko huwag mag makialam sa larangan ng paggagamot. Hindi uubra ang pagmumura at paninindak niyo sa mga doktor na sanay makaharap ang iba’t ibang klaseng ugali ng mga pasyente. Kumpleto ba ang laboratory ng Ospital ng Maynila para hindi na kelangan papuntahin sa ibang ospital ang mga pasyente? Ganun kasama ba ang tingin mo Erap sa doktor na iyan para isipin sadista siya para pahirapan ang pasyente niya? Gago ka erap

  2. Mga pasyente palagi paawa epek, palagi na lang pinapalabas na doktor ang masama

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