Manny refuses rematch clause in super fight with Mayweather


Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao isn’t interested in immediately ending his fight with Floyd Mayweather set on May 2 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to Pacman, he learned his lesson well from his fourth match with Juan Manuel Marquez.

In the said fight, Marquez’ face was bloodied already and many thought that he’s about to lose, Manny mistook this as his cue to attack the said boxer.  In the end, it was Marquez who became the victor, knocking out Pacman.

Pacquiao added that he’ll take his time with Mayweather and he’ll slowly bulldoze Mayweather’s body to a pulp.

The Saranggani Representative admits that he’s very much looking forward to this super fight and because of this, he’ll start with his training soon.

Pacquiao refused to enter to a rematch clause like what Mayweather was asking him because he doesn’t want to be tied down with the 60-40 split being demanded by Mayweather’s camp.

A rematch can be discussed after his win against Money Floyd.

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