Manila Bay Sea Sports 2016 officially opened


Manila Bay Sea Sports, an annual summer event hosted by Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) and the City of Manila, in cooperation with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) officially starts today.

The competition, being participated by elite water sports athletes, will highlight the dragon boat race tomorrow, March 20.

The said water sports competition will be participated by teams from; Bruins, UP Alumni, EAM Events Paddling Interactive Crew, Adamson University, NTMA Dragons, Manila Ocean Park, Philippine Blue Phoenix, Onslaught Racing Dragons, Rogue Pilipinas Paddlers, Pilipinas Wave Warriors, Maharlika Drakon, Dragons Republic Paddlers, One Piece Drakon Sangres, Philippine Army, Philippine Navy, Philippine Air Force, Philippine Coast Guard, Triton A & B, RCP Sea Dragons, and Amateur Paddlers Philippines.

While the race is ongoing, on land, the MBC continue to entertain the audience by holding different games and providing live entertainment.

According to Ms. Flordeliza Villasenor, Chief Tourism Operations Officer of Manila City, the said event is a big help in promoting Manila tourism nationwide.

She added, their department always welcomes and prioritizes events that would boast the city’s tourism.



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