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Manalo confirms attempted suicide of daughter

Jose Manalo reacts on her daugher’s attempted suicide

TV personality Jose Manalo couldn’t hide his dismay on what happened to his family.

Manalo’s sadness was evident as her underage daughter tried to commit suicide again.

As one of the co-hosts of a popular noontime show, Manalo’s camp issued an official statement admitting that he and wife Anna Lyn are having marital and financial problems.

However, Jose denied abandoning his family.

His salary automatically gets deducted and goes directly to the tuition fees of his children.

Jose fears that his name is being tarnished amid the false accusations being thrown at him.

In a previous interview, Atty. Dennis Pangan, the lawyer of Jose’s daughter stated that there was indeed a suicide letter from her client stating all her grievances against her dad.

Jose’s daughter tried taking her own life in 2012, allegedly for being humiliated because she couldn’t pay her tuition in school.

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