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Malacanang refuses to comment on CHR’s supposed Php1K budget for 2018

Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Malacanang distanced itself from the issue regarding the House of Representatives’ decision to slice the Commission on Human Rights’ 2018 budget to a measly Php1,000.

According to Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella, the Executive branch only covers the proposed budget for the administration’s different department and it is in the hands of Congress to approve the allocation of budget of these departments as part of the check and balance in the government.

President Rodrigo Duterte already mentioned that lawmakers were irked with the CHR’s alleged failure to fulfill its duty that is why they only awarded them with a Php1,000 budget instead of their proposed Php678 million budget for 2018.

However, Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said that the Php1,000 is not yet final because it will still go through the Senate in a Bicameral Conference Committee before making it into law.

Senator Panfilo Lacson said that the CHR will still be able to get its proposed budget for 2018, as he will make sure of it.

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