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Malacanang, Congress unite in legislation of priority bills

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Malacanang and Congress will assist one another in legislating the 10 priority bills of the Duterte Administration. The priority bills includes proposals that seek to reform the taxation system in the Philippines, and resolve the traffic crisis in the country.

Officials of the Senate and the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office had a meeting to ensure that the pending bills will immediately be approved.

According to Senate Secretary Lutgarbo Barbo, lawmakers have 14 calendar days in order to accomplish their legislative targets before the Sine Die Adjournment this July.

Barbo revealed that the National Transport Act, National Mental Health Act, and Unified National ID System are part of the 10 proposed bills that are considered as common priorities of Congress and Malacanang.

Out of the 10 priority legislations, four have already been discussed by two different committees in Congress before their Holy Week break.

The Holy Week Break of Congress started last March 16. Session will resume on may 2.

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