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Malacanang chides wage earners to be thankful for wage increase


Workers should be thankful instead of complaining that the Regional Wage Board approved the 15 peso wage increase for the daily minimum wage in Metro Manila.

This was the Palace response after labor groups complain that the said increase is just meager amid the continuous increase in cost of living in the Metro and other parts of the country.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Usec. Abigail Valte admits that the said wage hike is only little but it’s better than not having one at all.

“So they also check what amount that can be a good compromise between the requests of the labor groups as well as the employers. That brings the total wage in NCR to P481, if I am not mistaken, and it’s good still. Some will call it not enough or not sufficient but it’s still something to be given—something in addition to what they are already getting.”

Valte mentioned that the wage board reviewed the welfare and situation of the minimum wage earners and employers because this will have an effect in the economy.

“The job of the Wage Board is to determine what can be given that will also not be detrimental to employers. Meaning, if you give too high—this is one of the considerations of Wage Board and they tell you as much—that if you give too high an increase, the employers will not be able to absorb it.”

Prior to this, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines asked for a 135 peso-wage increase per day.

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