Makati City implements one-strike policy for establishments with illegal drugs activities


Makati City will implement a one-strike policy for establishments found possessing illegal drugs.

The said move stemmed after the Philippine National Police (PNP) raided Times bar in Makati City last August 11 for allegedly selling cocaine, ecstasy, and other party drugs.

During the Kapihan sa Manila Bay forum on August 22, Makati city mayor Mar-len Abigail ‘Abby’ Binay said that clubs and bar will immediately be closed even if the seized drugs came from their patrons.

According to Binay, an ordinance will not be needed since the policy is part of their official function.

During the raid at Times bar, authorities recovered 19 sachets of alleged cocaine, worth Php 1.5 million; 19 ecstasy capsules, worth Php 22,500; a sachet of marijuana; various drug paraphernalia; Php 22,500 buy-bust money; .38 caliber revolver; and five rounds of ammunition.

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