LTFRB decides to increase taxi fare at par with TNVS


The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board will increase the fare of taxis in order for them to compete with the Transport Network Services including Grab and Uber.

According to LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra, the board made a unanimous decision to increase taxi fare in relation with the rates of TNVS, particularly Uber.

Delgra revealed that this is in response to the complaints of taxi operators.

Taxi drivers insisted that they are in a disadvantage, and that Uber has more patrons even if the TNVS Company base their rates on running time and not on distance.

Delgra explained that the taxi fare will increase based on distance and the duration of the travel.

The LTFRB has already spoke with operators regarding the board’s plan to level-up taxi fare in order for their rates to be at par with the TNVS. Delgra hopes that increasing the taxi fare will resolve the under-utilization of taxi, and will prevent the public from getting the services of Grab and Uber.

The LTFRB will release their decision regarding the taxi fare this August.

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