LRTA stops Selling Magnetic Cards

LRTA continued in upgrading their system for the convenience of passengers in the future. (Screen grabbed from internet)
 (Screen grabbed from internet)

AF Payments Inc., and the Light Rail Transit (LRTA) continue to provide updates on the Limited Public Trial of the unified automated fare collection system project in all stations of the LRT 2.

During the trial and following per station roll-outs, train riders were able to purchase and top-up beepTM Stored Value Cards (SVC) as well as the new contactless Single Journey Tickets (SJT) via Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) and at Point-of-Sale (POS).  Commuters were likewise able to use the gates that accept the new contactless cards for entry and exit in the stations.

Since deploying at Legarda station last July 20, the system has now been tested at all stations as of August 5.  Over the last 18 days, LRT2 commuters purchased 67,000 beepTM cards,  used their beep™ and contactless SJTs 460,000 times to pay for their trips, and completed 150,000 top-ups.

According to AF Payments Inc. CEO, Peter Maher, “during the trial over the past couple of weeks, we were able to assess equipment performance in a real public usage and traffic scenario.”

The positive results they got from this trial gave them and the LRTA the confidence to start roll-out activities on the southbound direction of LRT 1 in the coming weeks where they will provide further details shortly.

For its part, LRTA announced that in order to begin installation of the new gates on the northbound direction, the current magnetic system will be decommissioned.  This will necessitate the replacement of the current tickets with paper coupons starting on August 8 until the new system is operational.

LRTA further announced that it will stop selling magnetic cards for LRT 1 stations beginning August 8.  Holders of the magnetic stored value cards will have the option to refund the remaining value of their cards in all LRT 1 station Teller’s Booths from August 8 to 15.


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