LOOK: Police investigates suspicious disappearance of 9 youth in Pasay City

The Pasay City Police on Wednesday had released a CCTV footage of the alleged van used by unknown kidnappers to abduct one of the nine missing youth in the area | Photo screengrabbed

The Pasay City Police on Wednesday disclosed the CCTV footage of the alleged abduction of one of the nine reportedly missing youth in the city.

The footage, which was recorded around 6:00 PM on Friday, November 22, showed a van parked in Villaruel Street wherein four men can be seen waiting for someone. Just minutes later, two men wearing caps came together with Sebastian Montoya, among the reported missing youth, and went inside the van and left toward Leveriza Street.

It was the last time the 22-year-old was seen, according to the statement of his guardians.

Aside from Montoya, between the dates of November 20 until 22, police confirmed that there were eight others aged 15-23 years old who went missing in the city.

They were identified as John Samuel Esguerra, 19; Niña Jane Ignacio, 19; Reine Louisse de Ocampo, 15; Kojie Marquez, 16; Norealle Butiong, 21; Gil Josh Ramirez, 18; Leogee Tiposo, 23; Roujen Serban, 21; and Sebastian Montoya, 22.

In a statement, Col. Bernard Yang, Pasay City police chief said that no one among the missing teenagers are in any of their drugs watchlists. He also added that a task force to investigate the case of missing youths was already created.

Despite the manner of the teenagers’ disappearances, Yang said in a press conference on Tuesday that the case was not kidnapping.

“I will make clear that this is not kidnapping. They are only missing persons,” Yang said.


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