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LOOK: Ben&Ben launches their weekly online series, BBTV

Filipino band Ben&Ben launches their weekly series ‘BBTV’ in order to showcase more personal contents for fans (Photo courtesy: Ben&Ben/Twitter)

Nine-piece collective Ben&Ben has finally heeded on the calls of their fans for more exclusive and personal content as they finally launched on Friday their weekly online series BBTV.

The announcement came as their way to celebrate quite a milestone for the band this year, reaching 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

“We’ve been making vlogs that showed our life behind the scenes, but eventually the band and its team came up with the idea. Its primary goal is to simply find more ways to connect to people through more varied content,” vocalist and guitarist Miguel Benjamin said.

Aside from themed music performances and collaborations, BBTV is set to give all of us a glance at the band’s more personal and entertaining side as they share their journey of living together under one roof.

“We decided to live together to eliminate, or at least greatly lessen the risks involved with working outside,” Miguel added.  “We always had the idea of living together in the future to create content and write music, but with the situation now we realized that now is the best time to actually give it a shot.”

Meanwhile, Paolo also confirmed that one of the band’s reasons for moving in together is to work on their second album which is set to be released under Sony Music.

“We wanted the process to be as organic and as involved as possible, and we’re so excited to see what we can come up with where distance and time isn’t a hindrance,” he said.

Ben&Ben also revealed their plans to drop a “headbang” version of their smash single “Pagtingin,” as well as cover select K-Pop songs in the future.

Just recently, the band made waves in South Korea with some of the famous Kpop idols listening to their music.

The online series, which airs Wednesdays starting Aug. 5, features a more extensive range of content for people to connect to, including but not limited to games, competitions, challenges, and other forms of entertainment.


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