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Local health department confirms death of Meninggo Coccemia victim


The Manila City Health Department has confirmed that a student in Paco Catholic School died after being tested positive of Meninggo Coccemia.

In line with this, panic ensued with parents of other students who were made aware of the said incident.  They even prohibited their children from going to school in fear that they might acquire the same sickness.

In an interview with DZRH’s One on One, Dr. Ed Serano, chief of the Preventable Disease Division of the Manila City Health Department said that they are now in talks with parents of children attending the above mentioned school.

Serano said that they have already informed the parents that they are ready to protect their children especially the classmates of the victim who died of Meninggo Coccemia because the medicine is already available in their school.

“Positive po na Meninggo Coccemia yung batang namatay sa Paco Catholic School.  Nagmeeting kami kasama ang mga magulang ng estudyante, sana naintidihan nila kami na dapat papasukin ang kanilang mga anak,” quipped Serano.

“Ang sintomas niyan ay lagnat, sumasakit ang ulo, nagsusuka, at may ubo at may pasa-pasa sa katawan.  Mas mahirap lang madetermina ang Meninggo Coccemia dahil ang carrier nito ay tao, at hindi gaya ng Dengue na lamok.”

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