Local chess players shine in Indonesia


Jakarta, Indonesia – The performance of the Philippine ladies have been quite impressive in the 3rd ASEAN JAPFA Chess Championship, Jakarta, Indonesia. This is especially true for 17-year-old WFM Shania Mendoza who is co- leading the tournament together with WIM Janelle Frayna and WGM Thi Mai Hung Nguyen of Vietnam.

In round 3, Mendoza drew her game against Nur Najiha Hisham Azman of Malaysia in their 54 moves Nimzo Indian Defence battle. The most unexpected result was in  the round 2.

The match of  Mendoza against Vietnam Olympic player WIM Thi Nhu Y Hoang was headed to a draw when her  opponent committed a blunder in move 45th by playing King to d4 in their Chigorin Defense Encounter. This allowed Mendoza’s knight pawn to pass and win a promotion that sealed her triumph.

Likewise,the feat of 19-year-old, WIM Janelle Mae Frayna was astounding. She drew her game against a lone Woman Grandmaster in the tournament Vietnam’s Olympic player WGM Thi Mai Hung Nguyen in their  48 moves Slav Defense.

In round 3, Frayna defeated Amanda Suci Fitriyani  of Indonesia in their 39 moves Ruy Lopez Berlin variation match to put her as co-leader of the ongoing event.

Nineteen-year-old WIM Bernadette Galas was not so fortunate. After smashing Center Counter Defence of  Shanti Nur Abidah of Indonesia in 60 moves in round 2,  she suffered a loss in round 3. She got confused during ensuing complications in time scramble against WGM Thi Mai Hung Nguyen of Vietnam. Galas missed the 31st  winning move Rook to D8. Instead she played pawn to e5 to give her opponent a full point score for that costly mistake.

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