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‘Live a simple life’, Pope appeals to priests

Pope Francis called on the priests around the world to live a simple life by basically starting to drive simple cars instead of driving expensive cars.

“In Christian life and in Church life too there are old and flimsy structures. We need to renew them,” the pope said in his homily at a private Mass for Swiss Guards, Vatican radio reported on its website.

This was the statement of Pope Francis after expressing his sadness every time reports reach to him that Catholic priests are driving flashy cars and having other things.

“Maybe you need a car to move around for work but get one that is more humble. If you like the nice one, just think how many children die of hunger,” he said.

“We should not be afraid of allowing the flimsy structures that imprison us to fall down,” he said.

Pope Francis explained that it will be of great help for priests to own cars but it doesn’t need to be flashy and expensive.

Francis advised priests to think of the children who are hungered by poverty every day and that they can feed them through the huge amounts they own like luxury cars and high-tech gadgets.

“I feel bad when I see a priest or a nun with the latest car model. This cannot be!”

“I would like a more missionary Church, not so tranquil. A beautiful Church that moves forward,” the Pope said. (Agence France-Presse with Kisses Jabson)

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