Larry Gadon implements self-suspension

File photo of lawyer Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon

Atty. Larry Gadon started serving his three-month suspension as a lawyer since Oct. 24, Thursday.

In a letter to then Supreme Court Acting Chief Justice, Gadon said that he will voluntarily serve the suspension from Oct. 24, 2019 to January 25, 2020 even though he has not received an order from the high court yet.

Gadon also said that he only learned of the suspension order after being asked for comments from the media.

“I was not aware of the issuance and as of date I have not officially received a copy of the Order of Notice thereof,” Gadon said in his letter

I have learned about it only thru national news broadcast over several major tv channels, radio and newspapers,” he added.

Gadon also apologized to the Supreme Court ‘for whatever demeanor that (he) committed leading to the suspension’.

In a resolution dated June 26, 2019, the Supreme Court ordered the suspension of Gadon from practicing law for violation of the Code of Professional Responsibility, the code of ethics of the legal profession.

The case stemmed from a disbarment complaint filed by dermatologist Dr. Helen Mendoza against Gadon in 2009.

The resolution said that Gadon puts the the whole judicial system in bad light after he described the use of legal remedies as slow and ‘requires a lot of resources’ in one of his letters to Mendoza.

The court also told Gadon to ‘refrain from using abusive and intemperate language which displays arrogance towards the legal system and his colleagues’.

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