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Lacson tells Yasay: vacate office immediately

Sen. Panfilo Lacson. (File photo)
Sen. Panfilo Lacson. (File photo)

Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. must immediately vacate his office after the Commission of Appointments rejected his Ad Interim Appointment.

According to Senator Panfilo Lacson, chairman of CA Committee on Foreign Affiars, Yasay has no reason to stay in his office. The 15 members of the CA Committee on Foreign Affairs unanimously decided to reject the appointment of Yasay due to issues in his citizenship.

While Yasay’s appointment was dismissed, The CA approved the Ad Interim Appointment of seven Foreign Service officers. The officers are Redentor Gentotiva, Carlene Monestreal, Arvic Arevalo, Jay Francis Alcantara, Christine Malang, Anna Marie Cantos, and John Francis Herrera.

A nomination of a Cabinet member once rejected by the CA could no longer be reappointed by the President or any appointing authority.

The caucus voted unanimously to junk the nomination of Yasay due to him lying regarding his citizenship.

Yasay withdrew his previous statements that he is not a U.S. citizen and does not have a U.S. Passport.

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