Lacson reveals 4 Chinese drug lords released from Bilibid in June

Sen. Panfilo Lacson (Photo Credits:

Senator Panfilo Lacson on Thursday revealed that at least four Chinese drug lords were released by the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) earlier in June this year.

“Actually, they were released to the custody of the Bureau of Immigration for possible deportation but these are convicted Chinese drug lords that have already been released… all these Chinese drug lords have been convicted for violation of the illegal drug laws,” Lacson told reporters.

Lacson added that the said drug lords were from Building 14, Maximum Security Compound and were transferred to Bureau of Immigration and Deportation. However, the senator did not elaborate if the said convicts were discharged due to the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) law.

The former national police chief said that he also asked for a copy of the list of those who were set to be released on August 20, which supposedly included convicted rapist-murderer Antonio Sanchez, but he was told that the list was missing.

Under RA 10592, it amended the provisions in the Constitution allowing the lessening of sentence for convicted prisoners or any convict who is in preventive imprisonment based on their good conduct inside the prison.

Former mayor Antonio Sanchez was convicted of reclusion perpetua or lifetime imprisonment in 1993 for the rape and murder case of University of the Philippines Los Baños student Eileen Sarmenta and the death of her friend, Allan Gomez.

Sanchez was convicted on March 11, 1995, by Judge Harriet Demetriou, who said his crime was “a plot seemingly hatched in hell.”

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