Labor groups protest vs proposed 4-day work week


Different labor groups carried out a protest rally to show their opposition of the proposed 4-day work week.

Groups carrying streamers and placards met at Mabuhay Rotonda, Quezon City, as the nation celebrates the National Heroes Day.

The groups wished that the work hours of the private and public sector will remain eight hours.

The workers insist that lawmakers should focus more on the issues of contractualization, Php 750 minimum wage for the private sector, and Php 16,000 basic pay for government employees, rather than the proposed compressed work week.

Under the proposed house bill 6152, employees are only required to go to work for 4-days a week, but will have to work for 12 hours.

The proposed bill has already passed the third and final reading at the House of Representatives and is scheduled to be discussed in the Senate.

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