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Kpop superstar Sandara Park confirms ‘no boyfriend’ policy in 2NE1 contract

sandara park

South Korean singer Sandara Park was in the country briefly to attend the premier night of her first solo movie, “”One Step.”

During a press conference, the media asked Dara why she has remained boyfriend-less during her stint as a member of the popular girl group, 2NE1.

According to Sandara, amid faced with a hectic schedule, their YG Entertainment contract also specified that they are not allowed to have boyfriends.

Though Dara said that she went out on dates, she was too afraid that her company will find out if she decides to have a boyfriend.

In past television guesting, Dara’s often get teased about wanting to have a boyfriend.  Her friend from YG, Seungri said that he has asked some of his friends to date Dara, but the young Filipina was too shy to go out.


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