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Kpop-inspired Pinoy group “SB19” takes spotlight with viral dance video

“SB19,” an all-Filipino Kpop-inspired group is getting the attention they deserved with their in-sync talent and rigorous training.

A Kpop-inspire boy group has been getting attention from netizens after the video of their group’s dance practice went viral with over 700,000 views already on social media.

The all-Filipino boy group “SB19” whose members —  Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin trained in South Korea and is being handled by a Philippine branch of a Korean Company “ShowBT Philippines Corp” was formed in 2018.

The group had released their debut single “Tilaluha” which has Filipino lyrics in it!

SB19 went viral on the social media outfit Twitter after a netizen posted on Monday their dance practice for their only single so far “Go Up.” The post garnered praises from netizens, noting how clean their dance moves were and their polished sound.

In an interview, the group said that they would prefer making big in the OPM scene, despite being influenced by the Kpop system.

Watch the group’s “Go Up” MV.

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