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Kim Chiu chooses to remain quiet on Gerald-Maja breakup


Actress Kim Chiu would rather not comment on the recent break up of her friend Maja Salvador to her former boyfriend, Gerald Anderson.

According to Chiu, the issue should remain between Maja and Gerald.

The 25 year old Kapamilya actress, who just celebrated her birthday a few days ago said that Maja can endure the heartache caused by the break up because she’s a strong woman.

Also, Maja has a lot of friends that will help her in the healing process.

Maja and Gerald received a lot of flak from fans when they first admitted of their relationship.  When Kim broke up with Gerald, it was Maja who helped her get through it, and Kim didn’t expect that in the end, her bestfriend will end up with her former boyfriend.

However, the three have made up and are now friends again.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Maja remained quiet regarding the cause of their breakup.

Both are busy with their individual soap operas while Kim is preparing for her next project.

In recent rumors, Gerald’s been linked to Janice De Belen.  They worked together before in a teleserye and remained close ever since.

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