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EXO’s Baekhyun to enlist in military on his birthday

Baekhyun of K-pop group EXO (Photo courtesy: SM Entertainment)

Baekhyun of the South Korean boy group EXO said he will be enlisting in the military next month.

After the success of his 3rd mini album “Bambi,” the 28-year-old singer revealed that he already received his enlistment date, which will be on May 6, the same date as his 29th birthday.

SM Entertainment, his agency, also confirmed the news saying “Baekhyun will be enlisting on May 6. The time and location of his enlistment will be private and there will be no special events.”

In the fan’s community app LYSN, Baekhyun first disclosed to EXOLs through a lengthy letter the information.

“It’s cloudy today, so I wanted to share with you some good news. Although, there’s something I need to tell you first,” he said.

“I’ve received my notice of enlistment for May 6! This isn’t a permanent separation, so instead of endlessly waiting for me and missing me, and being sad during the brief time that we’re apart, I’m going to try various methods to feel like we’re spending time together, even if it’s in a different form,” he added.

Baekhyun continued, “I’m going to work harder and prepare lots of things! I know how hard it is for you to wait, so instead of asking you to wait, I want to tell you that I love you! I love you!”

After his enlistment on May 6, Baekhyun will undergo three weeks of basic training and then complete his military service as a public service worker.

Since debuting as a soloist in 2019, Baekhyun has released albums such as City Lights, Delight, and Bambi. He also became the first solo artist in 19 years to sell a million copies with his 2020 album Delight.

Baekhyun, who is expected to be discharged in February 2023,  will be the sixth member of EXO to enlist after D.O., Xiumin, Suho, Chen, and Chanyeol.

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