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Janella Salvador warns to block people “who have no respect and have nothing else to do but gossip”

Janella Salvador (Instagram photo)

Janella Salvador won’t let negative vibes come her way.

On Wednesday, the 22-year-old singer-actress posted a warning on her Instagram story saying that certain users will be blocked if they have nothing better to do than gossip and disrespect her.

“Blocking people who have no respect and have nothing else to do but gossip,” Janella wrote. “I am only allowing positivity in my space.

It still remains unclear what actually triggered Janella, however, hours before her warning she posted a photo promoting an online store for home organizing solutions.

Several users flocked the comment section calling her “hot momma” and accusing her of “hiding her pregnant belly” with the organizers held at a certain angle.

Salvador is rumored to be expecting a child with boyfriend, Markus Paterson.

Both of them have yet to confirm the rumors.



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