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James Reid officially leaves Viva Group; establishes own management company

Actor James Reid has official leave Viva Artists Agency  | Photo courtesy: James Reid/Instagram

After seven years, James Reid has decided to officially leave Viva Artists Agency (VAA).

In an official statement released through his lawyers at Kapunan & Castillo Offices, the 26-year-old actor bared his reason of not renewing his contract under the Viva Group.

“To put an end to all the recent speculation, Mr. James Reid would like to make it clear that, after careful deliberation, he has decided not to renew his contracts with the Viva Group,” his statement reads.

“James greatly appreciates the enormous contribution that has been made by his friends at Viva, especially “Boss Vic” del Rosario and the management group, and expresses his sincere gratitude to everyone at Viva who has contributed to the success of his career in the Philippines’ entertainment industry over the past 7 years,” it added.

Aside from Viva, James also conveyed his gratitude to his “friends and colleagues at ABS-CBN, especially Ms. Cory Vidanes, for their part in jointly contributing to successful career to date, and assures his fans and supporters that he will continue to dedicate his media activities exclusively to the Network.”

The statement further revealed that James has already ” established his own family management company, Reid Entertainment Inc., and is now looking forward to the challenge of forging his own path in the entertainment industry.”

It can be recalled in 2017, the actor dropped his own record label “Careless Music Entertainment.”

Lastly, the young CEO acknowledged his supporters for continuously believing in him.

Earlier this year, James sit out from his role in the action-fantasy film “Pedro Penduko” after suffering a spinal injury.

In a statement released by his then management Viva, they “regretfully” accept the actor’s decision to withdraw from the project. They also revealed that Reid has recently discovered an injury to his spine that had been preventing him from doing the intensive training required and major stunts for the film.

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