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James Reid admits living together with girlfriend Nadine Lustre

James Reid and Nadine Lustre admit living together.

C’mon guys it’s 2019 and James Reid just confirmed the the question we’ve all been wanting to be answered.

In his guesting at a late night show on Sunday, Reid was asked about his three-year relationship with Lustre when he accidentally revealed that they are living together.

“Well, we live together so like, oh did you know that already? Okay well, we live together,” the 25-year-old said during his guesting in “Gandang Gabi Vice.”

James then added, “Sometimes kasi araw-araw kayo nagkikita. There’s no space. Sometimes you get too comfortable but then there are days when she’s working, she’s super busy and when she gets home we really miss each other still, kahit isang araw lang.”

The issue of the two living together first surfaced in 2017 when it was repeatedly dodged by his partner, Nadine Lustre.  The two recently celebrated their third month anniversary in February at a private resort in Batangas.






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