James De Los Santos wins 12th gold medal for 2021

Photo from Instagram account of James De Los Santos

Filipino karateka James De Los Santos won his 12th gold medal for 2021.

De Los Santos, who currently hold the top spot in the world rankings for men’s e-kata, ruled the 2021 Kamikaze Karate E-Tournament after defeating Domont Matias Moreno of Switzerland, 25-24.5, in the finals.

The Filipino karateka advanced to the gold-medal match by besting Alfredo Bustamante of the United States, 24.8-24.1, in the semifinals.

De Los Santos also congratulated Filipina karateka Fatima A-Isha Hamsain, his student at the at Maharlika Karatedo Kai of the Philippines International (MKKPI), for winning a pair of gold medals in the virtual tournament.

I’m proud to also say that my MKKPI student, Fatima A-Isha Lim Hamsain, shone again this time by winning double gold in the U16 and U18 women’s eKata category. Congrats and keep it up,” De Los Santos said in an Instagram post.

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