James De Los Santos tops eKata rankings

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Filipino karateka James De Los Santos has claimed the top spot in the men’s online kata world rankings.

The tw0-time Southeast Asian gold medalist accumulated 8,950 points after winning 15 gold medals since he started joining online karate tournaments in April.

De Los Santos overtook Eduardo Garcia of Portugal who dropped to second place with 8,575 points.

When I competed in my first virtual tournament last April, I found that there were a series of virtual tournaments and a world ranking system organized by SportData,” De Los Santos said in his social media accounts.

“After 7 months of competing in so many tournaments on a weekly basis, the hard work has paid off; it is now official. I am the No.1 in the eKata World Ranking,” he added.

De Los Santos now challenges himself to remain at the top for at least a year.

The journey isn’t over. My new goal is to maintain the no. 1 spot throughout the year. This is a much bigger challenge, as there will be other eKata players who want the no. 1 spot as well. But this will keep me grinding and motivated,” the karateka said.

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