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Inter-agency council presents plan for Boracay rehabilitation

Tourism Asec. Ricky Alegre

The Inter-agency council of Malacanang presented all its plan for the implementation of Boracay closure on April 26.

During DZRH’s One on One, Tourism Assec. Ricky Alegre said that they already discussed in Malacanang their plan, including what they will do with the displaced workers in Boracay up to the time they will re-open the island after it has been rehabilitated.

According to Alegre, it is true that part of their plan is for the country to host the Miss Universe Beauty pageant in the said island once is has been rehabilitated, but then again, this is still in the planning stages and it will still be up to President Rodrigo Duterte to decide on it.

Alegre also insisted that the rehabilitation of Boracay has nothing to do with the alleged construction of a massive casino-hotel.

Part of their meeting in Malacanang is to reiterate that no casino will be built in the said island and that President Duterte already said no to the said proposal.

Alegre added that they already informed the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation to inform the Galaxy Entertainment Group Limited to look for another venue outside Boracay for their planned hotel-casino.

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