Ilocos Norte bans entry of pigs, pork products over African swine fever scare

Ilocos Norte has banned the entry of pigs and pork products as a precautionary measure following the African swine fever scare.

In an executive order issued on August 23, Governor Matthew Joseph Manotoc explained the temporary “pork ban” is effective Friday. He added that the ban would only be lifted after the Bureau of Animal Industry had made an official declaration that the Philippines is safe from the African swine fever and other related diseases.

“We are doing this to avert the entry of these highly contagious diseases in the province and to safeguard and protect our hog industry,” Manotoc said in a statement.

Manotoc also ordered the police and quarantine officers to closely monitor the province’s entry ports and access roads.

Since May, the Provincial Veterinary Office led by Loida Valenzuela has warned the public to refrain from buying Maling luncheon meat from China including other processed pork. It has been monitoring grocery stores in the province while conducting an information campaign among local government units.

Ilocos is known for its classic bagnet (deep-fried pork meat).

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