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iKON’s B.I. announces departure from group, YG Ent confirms

B.I., the leader of K-pop group iKON withdraws from the group following his drug scandal. (Photo courtesy: YG Entertainment)

It seems like the hope of iKONICS for an OT7 will no longer prosper as YG Entertainment completely terminates the contract of its leader B.I., whose real name is Kim Han-bin, following his drug scandal.

On Wednesday, the local news site DISPATCH revealed that the 22-year-old idol allegedly had marijuana and LSD transactions from the past. Just moments after the news stormed the internet, Hanbin himself penned a letter posted on his Instagram revealing his future plans.

“It is Kim Hanbin. First of all, I apologize for the inconvenience caused by my inappropriate actions. It is true that I once wanted to rely on things that were so hard and painful that I should not even have an interest. But I was also scared and not afraid. However, I am also ashamed and sorry to all of you and the members who are greatly disappointed and hurt because of my wrong speech. I want to leave my team and humbly reflect on my mistakes. I apologize once again for your heartfelt sympathy to your fans and members. Sorry,” as per the translation of his post.

On the same day, his label YG Entertainment, who earlier denied the allegations, later on, confirmed the news of his departure saying that they already terminated his contract and future projects under the company and the group.

In a statement release, they said, “We take the issue very seriously and decided that he leaves the band and we end his contract.”

Meanwhile, fans of the said group were all left heartbroken and devastated upon his departure.


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