Igorots slam Marcos’ remark: “Dance for a Marcos is a dance for shame”

Senator-elect Imelda ‘Imee’ Marcos (FILE PHOTO)

The Progressive Igorots for Social Action (PIGSA) dismissed Senator-elect Imee Marcos saying they “flinched with anger and disgust” over her statement saying that she will ask Igorots to bless her soon-to-be office in the Senate.

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On Tuesday, neophyte Marcos made the statement after learning that her office belongs to outgoing Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, following a raffle organized by the Senate Secretariat.

Magpapatawag ako ng mga Igorot namin dahil kailangan basbasan ang office ko dahil kay Sen Trillanes ata ang nabunot, yun na lang natira, nahuli yata ang tao ko, sabi bunutan eh,” Marcos told reporters.

However, the youth group of Igorots slammed her saying that Marcos’ new office do not deserve a blessing, citing “outright electoral fraud” in the May polls and her family’s “historical plundering” of resources in Cordillera in the 1970s.

“Imee, asking the Igorot to dance for a blessing is a mockery of the sanctity of our rituals and traditions. We will not dance for you, because a dance for a Marcos is a dance for shame. A murderer and a thief taking our culture for granted, and stealing our identity to the point of even owning it- that person must be held accountable and condemned,” the group said.

They also stated the Marcos’ father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos, has allowed the construction of the Chico dam despite the displacement of indigenous communities that goes along with it.

Adding that “it was the militant movement of the Igorot that led to the project’s demise- a historic contribution to the dictator’s eventual downfall.”

“May we then remind Imee that there is no such thing as ‘mga Igorot namin.’ You don’t own us, and you never will. We pride ourselves with our refusal to be owned, if you care to read about our history of struggle way back to the Spanish colonization,” it said.

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