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I hate gambling, no more casinos to operate — Prez Duterte

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (Malacañang Photo)

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on Wednesday talked about his recent ‘firing-spree’ on the officers and board members of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation.

Yesterday I fired the council of Nayong Pilipino. All of them. You do not give gambling licenses or franchise for 75 years. You mean to say that, a child is born today, and 75 years later, he’s that old, there will still be gambling in this city? I will not allow it,” the chief executive said.

He also added that he dislikes gambling and would never give permits for more casinos to operate.

I hate gambling. I do not want it,” Duterte said.

According to Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, the President on Tuesday ordered a review of Landing’s contract on the same day it broke ground on its project, arguing it put the government at a disadvantage because the rental payment was too cheap and the lease too long.

He then reiterated his longstanding opposition to gambling and said he wanted no new casinos.

The notoriously blunt Duterte ordered the gaming authority in January to stop accepting new applications in a bid to prevent overcrowding in the sector and manage its growth. At the end of last year, there were nine private casino firms in the Philippines operating 1,444 gaming tables and 9,427 electronic gaming machines, according to government data.

In a statement on Tuesday, Nayong Pilipino Foundation chairperson Patricia Ocampo said she would follow the President’s decision to replace the foundation’s board of trustees and management team. However, she denied the accusations against the foundation.

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