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Husband forces wife to do “walk of shame” in public

(taken from the internet)

Couples do crazy stuff when they find out that their significant others are cheating on them. However, one couple in China proved that there’s such a thing as an ultimate “Walk of Shame.”

Based on a report that’s been making its rounds in social media, the wife, 33 year old Wang was seen walking the streets of Yushan county, from Jiangxi province, clad in her underwear, with head held low, and a sign around her neck that says “ I want to sell my body.”

Wang’s husband, Zhang, is accusing his wife of cheating and therefore made her do the walk of shame to ridicule and punish her.

According to their friends, the couple have been married for 10 years and have been gifted with two daughters.  Zhang lives in a different area, taking care of their business and is barely home to his wife and kids.

Wang on the other hand, is said to be a victim of domestic violence and has become her husband’s favorite punching bag.

Some say that the real reason why the husband gets mad at the wife easily is because she has yet to give him a son.

However, when pictures of the wife went viral in the internet, Zhang in an attempt to save face, wrote an apology letter and was published in a local newspaper days after the said incident took place.  (with DZRH Rita Salonga)

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