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No human rights violation in arrest of UP grads

New Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff New Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief of staff Lt. Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang

The Philippine National Police and Armed Forces of the Philippines insist that they did not commit any violation of human rights’ in arresting the two UP Diliman graduates last Saturday in Nueva Ecija.

According to AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Gregorio Catapang, the joint forces of the AFP and PNP brought warrants of arrest against a certain Ely Taray in Caranglaan, Nueva Ecija. However, he wasn’t found at the address given to them.  As authorities entered the said house with the search warrant last weekend, they saw the two UP graduates, Gerald “Geary” Salonga and Guiller Martin Cadano and confiscated some guns that were found inside the said house.

The two accused couldn’t provide the proper documents for the guns which led to their arrest.

Their prior target Taray has an existing Murder and Frustrated Murder cases.

Their operation is legitimate and they did not commit any human rights’ violation.

The two UP grads are currently being detained at the CIDG Nueva Ecija in Cabanatuan City.  Authorities are still investigating if there’s any truth to a previous report that Salonga is a member of the militant group AKBAYAN while Martin is part of the KABATAAN Party Central Luzon.

However, contrary to what the AFP and PNP claim, some militant groups insist that the two UP alums were abducted.

Cardona and Salonga are active members of the leftist groups criticizing the Aquino government.   (with DZRH Alyza Joy Narvaez)

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