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House speaker reacts on VP Leni’s resignation

pantaleon alvarez

Other members of the Duterte administration should follow Vice President Leni Robredo’s move to resign from the Duterte Cabinet.

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez insisted that Cabinet officials are the alter-ego of President Rodrigo Duterte, therefore they should always support, and not go against the decision and plans of the President.

Though the members of the Cabinet have freedom to express their suggestions during meetings, it is different if someone is directly opposing the President in public, like what the Vice President did.

Alvarez stated that Cabinet officials cannot emulate the actions done by members of Congress because they are free from expressing their opinions about the President, as they are a different branch of government.

Meanwhile, Alvarez said that he is not afraid if there will be lawmakers who will decide to join the opposition, following the resignation of Robredo.

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