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House oks Divorce bill

Philippine Congress (screen grabbed from internet)

The Absolute Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage bill has been approved in Congress during its second reading.

House Bill 7303 was a compilation of four separate bills submitted by lawmakers.

Under the said proposal, the ground used are the current basis under the Law for Legal Separation and Annulment and or Nullification of Marriage.

Some of these include battery, forcing your spouse to change religion and or political affiliation, alcoholism, drug addiction and six years of imprisonment.  Gambling has been included as part of the grounds for Divorce.

Couples who have been separate for five years can also file for Divorce.  Indigent Divorce petitioner can avail the services of the court appointed lawyer, social worker, psychiatrist and psychologists while the filing fee will also be free if you are indigent.

Based on the proposal of House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, a petitioner can be considered indigent if their total asset is less than Php 5 million.

There will be a summary proceeding to speed up the process of Divorce.

Meanwhile, on the issue of alimony, the Committee has set an option wherein they can do a one-time payment method or periodic payment, depending on what the soon to be separated couple prefers.

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