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Four concerts in a span of two weeks, and yes! These said concerts varied from Kpop to rock to alternative.  And yes again, this writer enjoyed all of them tremendously.

First Stop:  A Saphhire Blue Ocean kinda night

It’s been two years since Hallyu Kings’ Super Junior visited the Philippines and the anticipation is worth it.  ELFs were treated to almost four hours of non-stop dancing, singing, light shows, and a lot of high energy antics, the usual Super Junior appeal.

Super Show 5 is in a lot of ways similar and yet different from the other previous Super Shows.  This time, the boys are mature and it was evident in their performances.  They even sang some songs from their old albums.

It was bittersweet too, as two of its older members, including leader Leeteuk, didn’t make it because they’re currently serving their mandatory 2 years in the army.  However, Heechul, who just got discharged in August, was able to join the group together with Kangin.

Second Stop:  Rock and roll till the morning after

There’s no wonder that this is the 7th year that Tanduay is doing its annual Tanduay Rhum Rock Festival.  It is pure rock and roll, with the country’s top rock bands, and honestly speaking, if you went home and still have a normal voice, then you didn’t really participated in the said concert.

From well known bands such as Kamikazee and Parokya ni Edgar, to hardcore Chicosci and Wolfgang.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t know half of the songs they’re singing, in good company and over flowing Rhum coke, in no time everybody’s swaying, head-banging and just having a great time.

There were two cheesy moments though, the first one was when Parokya ni Edgar’s lead vocalist Chito Miranda addressed the crowd and thanked them for staying with him and his band in spite of the recent controversy he got himself into.

The second was when Mong of Chicosci connived with the whole audience as he proposed to his girlfriend on stage.  It was indeed very un-rocker act, but nevertheless, the crowd cheered as the girl said YES to him.

The band Kamikazee was the last act of the night. It was as if the night was still young, when it fact it was almost dawn.  Lead vocalist Jay had some tricks up his sleeves and to the crowd’s enjoyment he was accompanied by bikini-clad dancers in one of their songs.

It was indeed rock royalty at its finest!

Third stop:  Taking One Great Step to kpop land

In a week, two well-known kpop groups graced the Filipino fans with their presence and no one seems to be complaining about it.

Who could? Infinite songs are just like them, sweet, upbeat and full of energy.

It’s the One Great Step world tour of Infinite and Araneta Coliseum was turned into a giant playground for the boys and their fans.

If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed in all kpop concerts that I’ve attended is how elaborate their stages are.  It’s the whole package, from lights to props to the movement of the stage.  It’s a show within a show.

This is the second time that Infinite performed to their Filipino fans, since they were here together with some other kpop groups a few months back.  However, this is their first world tour and Inspirits (their fandom) were glad that the Philippines became part of their tour.

From throwing away plushies to the constant bickering of L and Sungjong, to them singing a tagalog song, the concert was worth every penny. Not to mention, these boys are pleasing to the eyes.  Not bad at all.

Last stop:  It’s never too late to apologize

One Republic is widely known for their song “Too late to Apologize”, and though they have other chart-topping hits, this is the song that most people sing, sort of an LSS whether you would like to admit it or not.

But last Wednesday, while watching them perform one song after the other, I wouldn’t wonder anymore why these boys are a hit.  Each song has a meaning.  You can actually feel every emotion with the way Ryan Tedder belts out the lyrics.

A very talented bunch of guys, the whole coliseum was blown away with the intermission performance of their acoustic guitarist Zach Filkins.

As Ryan kept on saying that Filipinos are known worldwide to be good singers, the audience knew every word to every song that the group performed.

But the highlight of the night, of course was when they sang “Too Late to Apologize”.  They killed it!

Until the next concert scene!

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