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Different sector groups call on gov’t to take action amid multiple cases of food poisoning

Thousands of people were hospitalized due to food poisoning. (Screen grabbed from internet)
(Screen grabbed from internet)

Different sector groups are calling the government to take necessary actions in connection to the multiple poisoning cases happening all over the country in the past few weeks.

The Consumer’s rights for Sale Food group, through its president Rene Pineda said that it’s about time that the government should strengthen its implementation of the Food Safety Act of 2013 or RA 10611.

Meanwhile, Dr.Romy Quijano, President of Pesticide Action Network proposed that the government needs to perform multi-sectoral dialogues regarding the issue of food safety to be attended by food manufacturers and food business operators.

Eco Waste Coalition emphasized that the government and business and consumer stakeholders might take time during the flag raising ceremony today (Monday) to remind the public to be cautious on the food they buy in the market.

Prior to this, 2, 000 people were poisoned after eating Durian candy while 10 students in Quezon City were rushed to the hospital after eating macapuno candies. (With Kisses Jabson)

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