Grab opens food delivery job to workers sans vehicles

Special on Saturday with Cesar Chavez and Grab Philippines President Brian Cu.

MANILA— Car-hailing company Grab, which had branched out to food delivery service, has opened its doors to workers without vehicles who are willing to deliver on foot the food clients ordered through Grab app, a company exec revealed Saturday (June 13).

In an interview with Cesar Chavez in the DZRH program Special On Saturday (SOS), Grab Philippines President Brian Cu said the delivery of food ordered through the Grab app now involved delivery persons who are on foot, in addition to the motorcycle-riding ones.

Cu said the Grab food delivery service system involved the merchant (producer of cooked food), the rider or delivery person, the client who ordered the food.

“Every time someone ordered for food using the app, the order goes to the merchant and the rider or delivery person,” he said.

The system sees to it that the order goes to the nearest rider or delivery person from the merchant and the client, Cu said.

“So, it is not always the motorcycle-riding delivery person who gets the task to delivery the order but the nearest to the restaurant (merchant) and the client,” he explained.

Cu said to be qualified in the Grab food delivery service system, the person must have passed the background check since the job involved cash handling and undergone training on food delivery jobs.

He said that those who are qualified in the Grab food delivery service system must sign up as “walker” if they do not own a vehicle or motorcycles.

Cu said the feature of food delivery on foot or by a walker had been a feature of the Grab food delivery service for eight months now.

He said seven percent of the food delivery service of Grab are by bicycle riders or walker and the service is available anywhere in the Philippines where there is Grab service.

Cu said the merchant is not exclusive to restaurants but could also be individuals who cook food for sale as long as they register as business, meet the standards and sign up with the Grab food delivery service.

He revealed that the number of clients of Grab food delivery service has doubled compared to the period before the lockdown.

“On Mother’s Day there are more than one million people who ordered through the Grab but were able to meet a very small percentage of the demand because we lack riders,” Cu said.

He said a Grab delivery person can earn from P1,500 to P2,000 a day including the tips given to them by the clients.

Ong said the delivery person whose client did not show up are refunded of the value of the food ordered while the erring client is automatically blocked from using the app.

He said that in Metro Manila they still need some 10,000 delivery persons as the demand for Grab food delivery services increases.

Ong said Grab food delivery services is available in the cities of Davao, Baguio, Cebu, and Iloilo while they are still studying when to deploy the app in Naga City in Camarines Sur.

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