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GRAB drivers will no longer see passenger’s destination prior accepting booking


Starting Friday, one out of four Grab drivers will no longer see the destinations of their riders prior accepting their booking.

Grab Philippines made the adjustment in order to lessen the incidents of trip cancellations and to avoid their drivers from becoming selective.

In a statement issued by Grab Philippines Country head Brian Cu, he admitted that they have heard and read the complaints of riders regarding rude, selective Grab drivers and they want to provide the riding public the best service they deserve.

However, this feature will only be implemented to the 25 percent of Grab drivers, or those with the lowest acceptance rates.

Cu added that they will not compromise the safety of both the driver and its passengers, while making an appeal to riders to do their part by verifying their accounts.

Prior to this, after Grab acquired the rights of one of their competitors, Uber, complaints started piling in for them from unsatisfied riders, including those that allegedly would intentionally make you wait longer, so that you will have to cancel on them.

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