Good Info Net offers helping hand to small businesses venturing online

A new online platform offers to help small and local entrepreneurs in promoting and marketing their businesses online amidst the 2019 Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Non-profit group Good Info Net aims to reach out to small businesses and online entrepreneurs looking for the tools and resources to help them in their entrepreneurial journey.

Its e-commerce platform provides local and homegrown businesses with free marketing support with no additional costs or transaction fees.

Small and local entrepreneurs can also launch their businesses through Good Info Net by signing up for an account, and adding their products to the platform,

Good Info Net allows business owners to manage orders and track it from the platform itself.

Through its growing number of community members, the online platform will also promote and help entrepreneurs drive more sales to their business.

Aside from providing assistance to new small and local businesses, the online platform of Good Info Net also serves as a negativity-free news site that promotes local success stories and promotions that can help uplift small entrepreneurs and create a positive community.

Good Info Net aims to project itself as a social media platform that focuses on the good, and supporting its members.

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