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Go wants Ombudsman to look into alleged corruption inside PHILHEALTH

Sen. Christopher ‘Bong’ Go

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go is calling on the office of the Ombudsman to look into the alleged irregularities inside Philhealth.

According to Go, the public needs to know if there is indeed massive corruption taking place inside the said agency and that whoever is behind these anomalies should be axe from their post and be made liable in court.

Go added that the government should not tolerate anyone who abuses the Philhealth funds amid the ongoing pandemic our country is facing.

The neophyte senator said that aside from the Ombudsman, the Office of the President and the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission have already initiated their probe against this issue.

During the recent Senate hearing, Go confronted Philhealth President and CEO Ricardo Morales because he was entrusted by President Rodrigo Duterte to rid the agency off corrupt officials.

Meanwhile, being head of the Chairman on the Senate Committee on Health, Go said that they will continue to allocate funds for Philhealth as it is the main agency incharge of the Universal Health Care Law.

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