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Go insists: no more politicking, just facts on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal

FILE PHOTO: Sen. Christopher Go with President Rodrigo Duterte

Senator Christopher ‘Bong’ Go on Thursday made an appeal to his fellow lawmakers to just stick to facts and avoid politicking in connection with the franchise renewal of media giant, ABS-CBN.

According to Go, it would be better for the House of Representatives to start discussing their own version of the franchise bill so that the Senate can decide whether to approve or deny the broadcast company’s request of a renewal.

Go added that the issue is being blown out of proportion because it is being tainted with politics and showbiz, when in reality, ABS CBN’s request for a renewal has been pending in Congress since 2014.

President Rodrigo Duterte’s alleged issues with the network is now being blamed for the delay.

Go explained that the President is already aware and has accepted the apology issued by the media giant, however, the President’s decision will still be his and it would still be up to Congress whether or not they will renew the network’s franchise.

Meanwhile, Sen. Manny Pacquiao said that he will also try to talk to the President and convince him to support the franchise renewal.

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